Hi, I'm David Loughnan from Elements Financial Planning

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Hi, my name is David Loughnan. I help people improve their financial position and enhance their lifestyle through my job as a Financial Planner.


My Story


I left school really early to start an apprenticeship - from as early as I can remember, I wanted to start making my own money. The next few years were pretty interesting -  I worked for fairly large companies, played a lot of footy, did my fair share of partying… and then I got married and had kids and I had to start taking life more seriously.


So I decided to do the scariest thing I’ve ever done: I borrowed some money, left the safety of my job and started my first business. It was a tough gig - we’re talking 12 hour days just to pay the bills. I hardly saw my wife and kids and it was really hard.


Deep down, I knew I’d never see real money unless I switched careers. And even though my wife hates Ferraris with a passion, I’ve always wanted one. So that, along with the desire to have those other luxuries in life, meant waving goodbye to my days as a tradie. From there, I focused on being a trader and although it took me years, I was making decent money and teaching my friends how to trade. It definitely helped me out to be great at maths!


From there, the next logical step was to earn my Financial Service License, which has led me to teaching over 1600 people over the years how to trade the markets. That saw me starting my own managed fund but those obscene hours got me again. I wanted to go back to my days of living the same hours as my family and kids and actually having weekends.


So I moved on again and finally, here I am running a business that allows me to deal with my 2 favorite things in the world each day: people and numbers.


Why am I telling you this? It’s not because I think my story is incredibly interesting - it’s because I hope we can work together in creating wealth for you. By understanding the past, you create your future. If you had of told me many years ago that I’d be running Elements Financial Planning today, I would have laughed out loud.


But that 20-year-old kid who loved playing footy and partying needed to grow up some day. Now, my days are filled with helping people of all ages and circumstances with financial assistance and planning. Doing so enhances their lives and allows them to get the most out of their assets - I know because I’ve been there in the past: there is nothing worse than having to worry about money. Worrying about how you’re going to pay the kid’s school fees or just how you’re going to pay the next round of bills… it’s a stress no one needs.


Over to you


Now, let’s talk about you.


I know you’re here for a reason… I know you’ve sat and read about where I’ve come from because you’re looking for the type of knowledge that arms you with real control and power: financial literacy.


Regardless of your situation - whether you’re a small business owner, professional or so on - it’s wise to identify and create action steps to improve your financial situation. Don’t put doing so off any longer. Once you take control of your finances and start taking real steps towards achieving your goals, all of your fears, frustrations and uncertainty will disappear pretty quickly.


I Look forward to any thoughts and perspectives. Please feel free to contact me on 0425 403 465 or visit www.elementsfinancialplanning.com.au


David Loughnan



David Loughnan's Experience:

  • CEO at Elements Financial Planning

    David Loughnan is the CEO and founder of Elements Financial Planning. Davids roll is to provide holistic advice in areas including investments,superannuation,SMSF,retirement planning, risk insurance and estate planning

David Loughnan's Education:

  • Mentor Education

    Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

David Loughnan's Interests & Activities:

Financial Planning, Spending time with family, Water Sports, Keeping Fit, AFL and most sports