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Hi, my name is David Loughnan. I help people improve their financial position and enhance their lifestyle through my job as a Financial Planner.


When I was young I didn't enjoy school at all. So it did not surprise my family when I announced that I had decided to leave school and commence an apprenticeship at the age of 16yrs.


While I was able to earn decent money as a tradesman, after about 10 years in the game I realised that I was not happy in my job. The physical demands and the draining hours that were required in order to build the successful business that I had created had left me empty and frustrated.


Not to mention that I never seemed able to save any of the money I earned. I even borrowed money, and attended night school furthering my skills where I focused all of my energy over the next 5 years to create another successful business. Sadly, I was still left questioning whether this was what I really wanted to do.


With my future in doubt once again, I decided to explore what it was that I felt I was missing. I did numerous courses and attended a hideous amount of seminars, spending a small fortune on discovering that the two things that seemed to excite me the most were people and numbers.


Today, I run my own successful Financial Planning business, where every day I meet new people  who need financial assistance or planning in order to enhance their own lives. My business is growing every day and I finally get out of bed each morning with a smile, knowing that this is what I want to do.



David Loughnan's Experience:

  • CEO at Elements Financial Planning

    David Loughnan is the CEO and founder of Elements Financial Planning. Davids roll is to provide holistic advice in areas including investments,superannuation,SMSF,retirement planning, risk insurance and estate planning

David Loughnan's Education:

  • Mentor Education

    Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

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Financial Planning, Spending time with family, Water Sports, Keeping Fit, AFL and most sports